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I showed roopod at altwheels fleet day Monday and was a bit lazy with my camera (read no pictures) but I found this one on cnet…this is in front of Staples World Headquarters it was a fun event and I got to talk a lot of tech talk with all the big truck bigwigs! almost everyone was in a suit!  Bill Buchholz was there with Dirago (background in the picture) and it was fun hanging out with him,  probably the most interesting bit was a talk with the guy from Valence batteries ( about what it would take if I wanted to make roopod have an electric poweplant option I was surprised that he predicted that I would need only 71 kg  (156lb) of batteries to have a 100 mile range I would get rid of 150 lb of diesel engine, get that back with the batteries, and then maybe another 100lb for the elec motor etc…not near as bad as I thought…they would have to give me those batteries, though….probably about $20,000.00 worth!!!…guess that’s about it for altwheels!  thanks for looking…plus here is some press they got…not much to do with roopod…but interesting none the less…



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