Amherst Sustainabilty Festival/construction progress

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Written By: roo

Hi everybody, here finally is progress!

YES! I have had some time to work on roopod and a lot is happening very fast!

I have included a bunch of pictures of the systems that I have worked on: they include BRAKES, THROTTLE, COOLING, and the begining of electrical look for captions on the pictures for more details…also incuded is the first time that roopod rolled down a hill, and stpped at the bottom with brakes! Susan at the controls, and the first show of the year in Amherst! enjoy the pictures…more to come soon I plan to be driving around the yard by the end of the week!

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  1. Santhiran Says:

    – How adorable!!!! Ugh I love erntyvhieg and kind of want to move in. You have such a warm soft sense of style that is so inviting and personal. I can’t wait to see more as you continue making your house your home.

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