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Hi there, Everybody! It Rolls! yeah! ok-ok enough…

I am very tired, I stayed up till three last night working on steering arms etc, and I don’t have the energy to caption all the pictures: So here is a brief overview caption…

there are pictures of parts provided by Greasecar to convert the ‘POD to be able to run on veggy oil, or 100% biodiesel all winter (thanks Greasecar!) and a picture of the wire harness provided by Rebel Wire (Thanks Rebel Wire)…look on the links page for their links…and there are some pictures of the steering wheel “frame” getting machined…will have a wood core around the rim…and wrapped with leather…it’s 10-1/2″ in Dia, and then the pictures I have been waiting for for more than a year…It rolls…That’s Leilani, my daughter in the yellow hoody and that’s our “big” car the VW New Beetle!  Then there are some pictures of the ‘Pod next to my friend Bob’s Miata…the Miata is pretty big too!  Then that’s My partner Susan, and My freind Bob taking a ride in the ‘Pod…I am very happy So far, most everything is working like I thought it would!  Hopefully I will come back and fix this post a bit when I am not quite so tired!
I also just added this Youtube video of the ‘POD in action!

Thanks for looking...Roo


4 Responses to “BIG DAY…IT ROLLS!”

  1. sam trimble Says:

    Very impressive Roo! I am sure you will be able to evolve your work on this into some great new ventures! The overall form really looks great, and all those Roo Widgets are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how you will clad the frame, and fit out the interior. ST

  2. Andrew Nelson Says:

    Great work with the frame and welds. I hope to meet you tomorrow at the One Gallon Challenge.

  3. Kim Abrahmson Says:

    Good luck, Roo! We’ll be rooting you on from Maui!!

  4. Dan Says:

    Roo, I’m loving the design of this thing; simple and elegant. I’ve had my mind set on building something like this once I get settled into a house in a few years and I expect I’ll end up borrowing some of your ideas :-).

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