F-N-R Shifter and Parking brake

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Here was the next item on the list towards roadworthiness…just a couple of simple levers right? not quite, I have three days into the design and construction of this unit.   The hardest thing to figure out was the Push-pull cable arrangement of the two shift cables…how can you get two cables in tension to push and pull on the same lever, and since the lever on the gearbox is pointing to the rear when it is in forward gear, how do you get the shifter to have the reverse action…that is probably a run on!  Anyway, it is possible, it does work and I will try to explain it…It is all about the cable “housing” if the cable is in tension and pulling, then the little tube around the cable (housing) must be pushing! and if you push on the housing, then you are pulling on the cable, so at the shifter end, on one cable, I anchor the end of the cable and push on the housing, and the other end I anchor the end of the housing  and pull the lever with the cable anchored on it: this moves  the lever on the gearbox forward when I pull back on the shift lever.   The other cable is the opposite… If you did not get this explanation, don’t feel bad, I did all my thinking and still I hooked it all up backwards the first time!  It does make for a nice and compact, simple way to move the lever on the gearbox with a cable pulling on it from each side. The Brake lever is much more “conventional” with just a ratchet and a regular bike brake cable, then for both levers, they have a cam on the bottom to activate a micro switch…one for Parking brake idiot light, and the other for the backup light…I will try to put up a video of it working.  for now look at the captions on the pictures for more notes…

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  1. Ford Says:

    Wow. That is elegant. Very beautiful work Roo.

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