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discussion of roopod’s carbon footprint


I am building roopod out of aluminum for it’s durabilty and recyclabilty…and mostly trying to use as little (aluminum) as possible (by making roopod as light as possible)

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  1. Steve Kaplan Says:

    Hi Roo,
    I also left this message on your Roodesign page because I could not get another link to work. Hope this one does.
    The contact page on the roopod site does not seem to work.
    We met at the Gould’s this past weekend. I’m the guy with the BRA three wheeler. With everything going on at the show, I did not have enough time to talk to you about your project, except to say how impressive it really is. I am coming into the Boston area from NY next Thursday (July 26). I have to be in Norwood around 4:00 PM. Is there a chance that you could give me about an hour in the early afternoon? I would love to talk to you.

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