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My apologies, I was so crazed trying to get ready for the OGC that I neglected regular posts for a couple weeks there, and now this post is going to be big....again sorry... First, the pictures: [nggallery id=4] these pictures include pictures of construction progress leading up to the OGC and pictures at the start of the OGC in Greefield, MA, and Pictures at the finish in Boston, MA, and some pictures out in the yard yesterday. here are some links to press coverage as well this is the report by Jory Squib that is on the autoblog green sight: This weekend's One Gallon Challenge in Massachusetts resulted in some pretty amazing fuel economy results. The five vehicles that took part in the race challenge (any line of of cars that starts "in stately, fuel-conserving style" can't really be called a race, can it?) made the 100-mile drive into Boston and posted fuel efficiency results as follows: MIT's all-electric Porsche – 164 MPGe (plug-to-wheels) or 75MPGe (well-to-wheels) Moonbeam – 93 MPGe Dirigo – 88 MPGe Ricker Truck – 70 MPGe Wood-burning truck – 27.7 MPGe OGC organizer Jory Squibb said the vehicles helped show solutions for "our complex evolution to ultra-economy" and promised to hold the event again next year. Fun ...

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