roopod is street legal!

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Written By: roo

Hey everybody! the roopod is street legal check out the pics! check out the video

7 Responses to “roopod is street legal!”

  1. Robin Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS and be safe!
    Love you!!!!!

  2. Josh K. Says:

    Wow, way to go.
    Must have been a challenge to get it approved.

    It’s great to see your design, nice to see a custom machine on the road.

    Best wishes, Josh K.

  3. Erin Says:

    Congrats Roo…

    Where can I get one :-)

  4. mickey Says:

    What a labor of love. Looks great! Congrats Roo!

  5. Sue Trimble Says:

    What a great invention from a great mind….and green friendly too. I hope that you can somehow profit from this invention! I bet people on the road give you quite the looks when they see the Roopod driving by them. Good job Roo! Your mom and dad would have been so proud of your accomplishment.

  6. Russ VanOrder Says:

    Any pointers on the inspection process in your state? Am looking into the process here in NC .

  7. dave Says:

    nice job on the project … will have to search the net to see if you have other vids without the music so i can hear how that engine and variable pulley setup handles grades… so do you have a total vehicle weight now? and what engine rpm does it cruise at and at what mph with your current gearing???

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