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  1. Elise Says:

    elsewhere on here, I have just over 2,500 products, & I can’t improt them all in one go as I get the same error message as you do. However, when I split the file into smaller chunks, in my case 1,000 at a time works fine, then I can improt or update all the products without any problems. I have an Excel macro that splits the file for me.Having said this, I still can’t open the Products section of the Dashboard, which is pretty annoying!It’s interesting what silent_soft said, as I too use external URLs, as early on, this was the only way I could get it to work, although the URLs are actually on my site, if you see what I mean. I wasn’t aware of the memory implications of using this method, & wonder whether using just the file names on their own & letting WordPress work out the paths would stop this from happening.Anyway, let me know if you need any assistance in splitting the file, even just as a test.Paul Cutcliffe

  2. auto insurance quotes Hayden ID Says:

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