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Help support my project/ become a sponsor!  Please contact me if you would like to help prove to everybody that a great, green and efficient car can be created right here at home!

HI there everybody!  (8/17/08)

ROOPOD has it’s first sponsor!  Ben Licata, of Northfield, MASS has contributed an old bike with a good title that will be reborn as ROOPOD!  Just so you know…it is a 1980 Kawasaki KZ44A2 (440cc) and probably the only thing that will make it onto ROOPOD will be the VIN!   Thanks Ben,  your help is really appreciated.

Hi again (2/17/09)

the countless pieces of advice from so many people: thanks to you all, I will mention names when I check and see if you all care!  but many thanks you know who you are…


REBEL WIRE ( Has contributed a complete wire harness for the roopod! many thanks to Bob Miller at REBEL WIRE!




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  1. Ken & Andree Says:

    Roo, Great idea & we love it that you are in Mass! We are co-founders of the Jamaica Plain Green House – a passivhaus demonstration project, rehabbing an old, abandoned, former neighborhood store in JP and creating an urban farm and apiary (see The project will be featured on and the subject of a book. We are looking for innovative, carbon reduction devices and systems – particularly home grown in Mass and England to test out and feature in on-line “shows,” and for which we are raising a package of funding and other resources to support. Other project include, for example, designing a residence revolving door, recreating a New England-area milpas (the highly efficient, sustainable Native American agriculatural practice of mixing maize, squash and beans, developed by the Mayans and taught by Squanto to the Priligrims); and creating a bicycle generator that our three kids (7, 9 and 11) will use to power their computer games. — Seem like your alternative vehicle (excuse me, the alternative vehicle) would be a great addition to the mix. Give us a call at 617.435.4919. Best, Ken // Andree Zaleska & Ken Ward, cofounders; JP Green House, greenhousekp[at]gmail[dot]com.

  2. Annita Says:

    I replaced the original stereo in my daughter’s 2005 Ford Focus. This wire harness made the job a lot easier.

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