‘POD Display and discussion at RISD…and trip to/from Providence, RI

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I had a great trip to RISD Tuesday, both the drive there and very invigorating discussions about both the ‘POD and the Electrathon car class  that Michael Beresford invited me to participate in!

After a reschedule to to rain the previous Thursday,  Tuesday dawned overcast but dry.  I had decided on a very back-road route through south central Massachusetts, northwest Connecticut, the eastern side of Rhode Island.  The ‘POD worked like it was supposed to, with added luxury provided by finally having all the windows in!  I could block off the cold 40-something morning air!  A Stop in Palmer, MA filled up the tank ($8.06) and I was on my way.  Part of my route was on MA-20 through the towns of Brimfield and Sturbridge and the path of this summer’s tornado that touched down in springfield.  I was amazed by the devastation right down the road from where I live.  The route then took me through Southbridge, an interesting good sized mill town that I had not heard of, then on to Woodstock and Putnam CT before crossing  into   Rhode Island on CT-44 at Gloucester.  After a brief episode in north Providence and GPS glitch, I was there!

After a chance meeting with Dick Gilbane on Water St (he was out for a morning row) who knew of my brother Sam I moved the ‘POD to the ID building Parking lot.  The fun then began…the students had questions and incredible energy, I took off covers and showed the “guts” of the ‘POD!.  It is really great when the discussion so focused and relevant!  Professor Michael Beresford used the ‘POD to highlight many design issues that his students were having with their Electrathon car project.  After a tasty Thai-food lunch (Mr Beresford’s treat!) it was off to the studio for discussions about the Electrathon project.  What can I say,  It is really great to get out of my back-woods shop and discuss design and engineering with such a passionate group!   when Michael mentioned that he need to go to his Studio across town to get a wheel for the students, I offered to chauffeur him there and back in the ‘POD.   I got to see his progress on all kinds of neat sculpture projects and the old Saab 96 that he is converting to battery power.  We made plans for me to hopefully come and see how the Electrathon project is making out in a few weeks.

The Drive back was just as fun as the way back, though driving at night in the tiny ‘POD can be a little intimidating.  All in all a Great trip!  Thanks to Everybody at RISD that came and saw and talked!

RISD poster by Kyle Dell’Aquilla

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  1. Mike Says:

    Excellent Sir, so awesome to see you with those kids and expanding their minds. The more I see your vehicle the more i like it! keep up the good work.
    Mike :{)

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